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Employability Training Embracing the Future: Achieving Self – Sufficiency through Employment

The objective of the ETF is to ensure that its participants are well equipped to make a mark in the corporate world not only with their first job assignment but can also leverage their skills for subsequent performance and career growth. This program will help individuals to

  • Identify the skills required by employer.
  • Demonstrate the skills required to successfully seek employment.
  • Describe what is considered a professional presence and behavior.
  • Understand the value of work.
  • Develop a personal action plan to seek employment.
  • Strengthen attitudes.

ETF is a comprehensive program of  hours 48 hours which could be delivered in consecutive days or on weekly basis over several weeks.

The curriculum encompasses 16 modules focusing on:

  • Module 1-Your motivation.
  • Module 2-What employers need.
  • Module 3- Skills employer seek.
  • Module 4 to 8-Employability
  • Module 9 to 13- On the job
  • Module 14-The value of work and workplace ethics.
  • Module 15-Motivation and goal setting.
  • Module16-Personal plan of action.

The Program in ETF has been developed using the unique methodology for adults and is designed to be interactive, experiential and is oriented towards skill development, necessary for success in the globalized workplace.